GCAA® Solutions

GCAA® Solutions


Through our sister organization, Global Competence Consulting, we offer various solutions to support your global competence needs. GCAA® diagnostics may indicate development needs that can be remedied by programs that your organization offers internally or through your third party partner. However, when a gap in global competence support or capability exists or when you desire deeper insight directly from the experts, we are able to help you through a variety of services.

Global Competence Training and Development

GCAA® debrief sessions and global competence training programs are customized to meet clients’ development needs. Courses can cover the three broad categories of global knowledge, attitudes or people skills, or they can focus on individual or combinations of dimensions of the Global Competence Model™.

Training & Development

Global Competence Certification

Acquiring credentials may be critical when mastering the interpretation of GCAA® diagnostics in order to facilitate development as well as when demonstrating global competence expertise is important in your work. Become a Certified Global Competence Practitioner by the experts in global competence. To join our network, attend one of our certification programs and gain global competence mastery skills. You will also benefit from ongoing support in a community of certified practitioners that spans the world.

GCAA® Certification
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