Global Competence Research

Global Competence Research



The Global Competence Aptitude Assessment (GCAA®) is the result of 10 years of original research and development, and it is based entirely on extensive international investigation of the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for global competence, which are presented in the Global Competence Model™. The research population that studied global competence was comprised of internationally renowned experts in aspects related to global competence. Included in this Delphi panel of experts were Fortune 500 company human resource managers, senior international education administrators from numerous countries, national and international government officials and intercultural consultants across six (6) continents.

The research findings, which many have referred to as "seminal," have been published in the Journal of Studies in International Education and in International Educator. In addition, these developments are routinely cited in subsequent research and discussions in journals, books, conference symposia and proceedings, among other forums worldwide.

Before its debut to the general public, the GCAA® was critically reviewed and consequently recommended by leaders of business and industry worldwide, the United States National Foreign Trade Council, representatives from the United Nations, deans and other senior administrators of universities on four continents, human resource officials, and entrepreneurs. It was also piloted by members of a leadership program for global entrepreneurs, hailing from over 40 countries spanning six continents.

The GCAA® has been used as a research methodology since 2008. Participants in these studies have originated from over 100 countries across six (6) continents, and have included the continuum of growth from teenage years through senior professional tenure, representing a span of more than 50 years of human development.

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