About The GCAA®

About The GCAA®

GCAA® clients span the world and all public and private sectors. As there are many different applications for the intelligence that the assessment provides, read more about some of the varying ways that organizations and institutions use GCAA® insights, as well as general comments from a few of our clients.


"What a great tool! The GCAA® provides our early career high potentials with cultural awareness insight that they have not been exposed to before. It helps them determine where their gaps are so that they can begin to develop the knowledge and skills needed throughout their careers."

Kim Rhule, Senior Human Resources Manager, Talent Management and Organizational Development, Curtiss-Wright
"The GCAA® fills a gaping hole in the current landscape of developmental tools for global talent. Avoiding the traps of the nebulous concept of 'global mindset', the GCAA® focuses on a more tangible notion of aptitude as the focus of development. The Internal and External Readiness dimensions allow a clear distinction between awareness and knowledge as well as attitudinal and behavioral factors of global competence. The GCAA® is a well-structured and operationalized tool that enables nuanced development of global leadership capabilities."

Joerg Schmitz, Cultural Anthropologist and Managing Partner, ThomasLeland
"The GCAA® captures the elusive nature of cross-cultural competence and helps professionals clearly identify opportunities for relevant learning and development."

Guillermo Gutierrez, Senior Consultant, Aperian Global
"The GCAA® provides opportunity insights to retool employee development by reskilling for global competence. It is a great asset for organizations that are implementing global growth strategies."

Ila Gandhi, Managing Director, TMC, a Berlitz Company

Education - Primary Through Secondary

"The GCAA® was highly recommended by researchers in Asia Pacific to determine the global mindedness of International Baccalaureate (IB) programs. After a thorough review of many other instruments, we also agree and are pleased to use the GCAA® to measure the effectiveness of our IB program."

Lucila Sotomayor y Peña, Director of International Baccalaureate, Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla, Mexico
"With state and federal assessment emphases on traditional academic threads, the critical skill of global competence is mostly ignored in the curriculum. The GCAA® is a solution that brings urgently needed balance back to the curriculum, allowing for traditional academic skill achievement through a practical lens that promotes students' global workforce competitiveness."

Robert Hollister, Ed.D., Superintendent, Eastern Lancaster (PA) County School District
"I have reviewed several instruments, and nothing compares to the GCAA®. The GCAA® is very thorough and comprehensive. It provides keen insight to one's true global competence, which provides an objective measure of capability so one knows where to focus improvement efforts. The results are eye-opening, very accurate, and representative of one's global lens."

Dena Rasul, School Psychologist, Orange County (FL) Public Schools, and Adjunct Psychology Professor
"Our two-year Global Scholar Program is thrilled with the GCAA®, which measures our students' growth towards global citizenship. Additionally, the GCAA® scores indicate where we can continue to make further program improvements."

Erin Mellow, Global Scholars Coordinator, Teacher, Kimball Union Academy (Meriden, NH)
"The GCAA® should be used by every social studies educator, for it empowers and challenges students to not only understand the world, but to be competent in a global society."

Michael Beckett, Social Studies Teacher and Past Secretary/Faculty Representative, International Model United Nations Association
"The GCAA® indicates where students ‘sit in the world’ and some of the challenges they need to overcome to be full and successful participants in a contemporary globalised community".

Garth Wynne, Executive Principal, Christ's College (Christchurch, New Zealand)

Education - Post Secondary

"The Spanish version of the Global Competence Aptitude Assessment® is a valuable resource and provides a strong foundation for UPAEP's faculty and student internationalization efforts and for the development of our global strategic plan.”

Felipe Burgos Ochoategui, Ph.D., Dean, School of Business, Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla, Mexico
"I know of no better tool to assess one's ability to work effectively in international settings as well as one’s awareness of and adaptability to diverse cultures, perceptions and approaches than the GCAA®. I highly recommend the GCAA®!"

William Brustein, Ph.D., Vice Provost for Global Strategies and International Affairs, Professor of Sociology, Political Science and History, The Ohio State University
"We use the GCAA® to directly assess student learning outcomes for our regional accreditation process. The GCAA® has assisted us identify where our students need to improve, and highlighted strategic opportunities that the university can undertake for continuous improvement. In addition, students are empowered by the assessment experience and reflect upon their own prioritized development feedback so they can plan their next steps toward global competence."

Shonda Gibson, Ph.D., Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness; SACSCOC Accreditation Liaison, Texas A&M University - Commerce
"We must not only provide experiences and education designed to develop global competence, we must demonstrate that our efforts are actually effective. The GCAA® is an excellent instrument for measuring a person's level of global competence and it generates a comprehensive and detailed report on global people skills, attitudes and knowledge."

Howard Rollins, Ph.D., Cultural Psychology Expert, Professor Emeritus, and Creator of the International Plan, Georgia Institute of Technology
"Thorough. This assessment has a good variety of real life situations for cross-cultural problem solving."

Will Phillip, Former Director of Organizational Advancement, NAFSA: Association of International Educators
"Excellent questions that call for judgment rather than merely factual knowledge."

Lewis Jillings, Ph.D. Former Associate Vice Provost, International Programs, The Pennsylvania State University


"I highly recommend the GCAA® to measure global competence and to understand how one can improve effectiveness with people around the world. We use the GCAA® as a model assessment to teach trainers, educators, and consultants how to best determine and develop intercultural skills and global competence."

Chris Cartwright, Ed.D., Director of Intercultural Assessment, Intercultural Communication Institute
"We had been struggling to find a way to measure global competency outcomes provided by the World Affairs Council’s K-12 education program, as it is necessary for our fundraising proposals and sponsor reports. The GCAA® measured aptitudes beyond the typical standardized test and it helped us prove the success of our program based on local and norm comparisons."

Jennifer Bowden, Former Director of Education, World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth
"The Global Competence Aptitude Assessment (GCAA)® is an important contribution for evaluating people's 'readiness' to participate in a complex, interconnected world."

Christian de Fouloy, Chairman, Association of Accredited Public Policy Advocates to the European Union (AALEP)
"The GCAA® is the most comprehensive tool of its kind and it is both instructive and enlightening. We have been using it in the International Business Culture module of our Chancellor's Certificate in International Trade program."

Stella Sheehan, Deputy Director, World Trade Center St. Louis
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