About The GCAA®

About The GCAA®

Developed by Global Leadership Excellence, LLC, the Global Competence Aptitude Assessment (GCAA)® is based on rigorous international research. The GCAA® is the only instrument that measures all the researched dimensions of global competence, as intended, reported, and cited in refereed journals worldwide.


  • Measures the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for global competence, as determined by extensive international research.
  • Assesses both Internal Readiness (personal traits and attitudes) and External Readiness (global knowledge and people skills).
  • Web-administered and accessible from any location in the world.
  • Delivers real-time individual and aggregate reporting.
  • Supported by complimentary development suggestions, as well as detailed intelligence reporting, customized training, and a GCAA® 360° Assessment option for in-depth feedback.

Benefits of Using the GCAA®

  • Succeed in the Global Marketplace: Success today depends on international collaboration. Potential opportunities are just as likely to come from other countries as they are to come from your locale. The GCAA® helps to measure staff or student aptitude for effectiveness in globally dependent situations.
  • Stay Competitive: You are now competing with the best and most talented individuals and organizations around the entire world. In today's global economy, an individual must possess essential knowledge to determine how one should adjust one's intercultural approach. Also, it is critical to bridge cultural gaps when collaborating on team initiatives that involve people of varying backgrounds. The GCAA® includes specific real world scenarios that evaluate these abilities.
  • Use a Targeted Approach: A GCAA® profile assists in hiring or promotion decisions, and it also indicates people's likelihood for effectiveness on international or intercultural projects or assignments. Additionally, it is easier to focus one's training budget as the GCAA® objectively recommends an individual's developmental opportunities against researched global workforce aptitudes. The GCAA® also measures student readiness for the global workforce, as well as educators' knowledge gaps, so that future generations of workers are globally competent.
  • Develop Global Readiness: The GCAA® provides a grounded and empirically supported understanding of one's present global competence aptitude and it determines the greatest areas of opportunity for development. Global competence is profiled along the eight researched dimensions, and the scores provide insight into relative strengths and the development areas that may benefit from further attention.
  • Address the Workforce Shortage: Regardless of the economic conditions, the most effective individuals demonstrate a keen aptitude for global competence and they are in high demand worldwide. There is a lack of qualified talent capable of meeting the demands of the new global marketplace paradigm. For these reasons, "corporations require global competence," according to a report from The Coalition for the Advancement of International Studies.
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