About The GCAA®

About The GCAA®

Developed by Global Leadership Excellence, LLC, the Global Competence Aptitude Assessment (GCAA)® is based on rigorous international research. The GCAA® is the only instrument that measures all the researched dimensions of global competence, as intended, reported, and cited in refereed journals worldwide.

Features of the GCAA®

  • Measures the cultural knowledge, interpersonal skills, and attitudes necessary for global competence, as determined by extensive international research.
  • Assesses both Internal Readiness (personal traits and attitudes) and External Readiness (global knowledge and people skills).
  • Web-administered and accessible from any location in the world.
  • Delivers real-time individual and aggregate reporting.
  • Supported by complimentary development suggestions, as well as detailed intelligence reporting, customized training, and a GCAA® 360° Assessment option for in-depth feedback.

Benefits of Using the GCAA®

  • Use a 21st Century Approach: Measure global competence with a state-of-the-art instrument grounded in original worldwide research. Global competence is a paradigm shift away from outdated 20th century intercultural competence approaches, which are neither practical nor relevant in today’s transmigrational society and global economy.
  • Quantify Global Readiness Objectively: Determine people’s likelihood for effectiveness and identify developmental opportunities. The GCAA® objectively measures global competence using a sophisticated test design that avoids the subjectivity and biases of commonly used self-appraisal survey-style evaluations.
  • Receive Actionable, Targeted Metrics: Get easy-to-interpret and specific intelligence instantly, including scores for Overall Internal and External Readiness, as well as scores for all the researched dimensions of global competence. GCAA® participants receive immediate feedback in a clear, self-guided report. Assessment administrators receive detailed aggregated scores in real-time, allowing for an instantaneous, focused response.
  • Make Fact-Based Decisions: Focus your efforts on impact areas while saving time and money. A GCAA® profile indicates people's likelihood for effectiveness on intercultural, international, or global projects or assignments. It is easier to strategize and budget for development activities as the GCAA® objectively recommends an individual's developmental opportunities against researched global workforce aptitudes. A GCAA® profile also assists with selection decisions and succession planning, as it indicates people's current global readiness.
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