About The GCAA®

About The GCAA®



The Global Competence Aptitude Assessment (GCAA)® is the world's most comprehensive measure of global readiness. It is based on original research (Hunter 2006) that determined the international consensus definition of global competence and was published and cited worldwide in internationally peer-reviewed journals. The GCAA® is the only assessment that measures all the dimensions necessary for global competence - a 21st century skill - as intended by original research findings, as well as reported, and cited in refereed journals across the globe.

The product of 10 years of research and development, the GCAA® has been thoroughly tested in over 100 countries across six (6) continents, and deemed statistically valid and reliable. Used around the world by corporations, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations and government, the GCAA® provides targeted metrics for the global knowledge, attitudes and people skills necessary for effectiveness in our global economy and society. Such objective insights are critical for benchmarking, strategic decision-making, and identifying development or improvement opportunities.

Used across six (6) continents since 2009, the GCAA® has assessed the global competence of working professionals from new hires to senior executives, as well as students from high school through graduate school. The GCAA® objectively evaluates individuals who work on international or virtual project teams, who interact with diverse populations, or who may embark on international assignments or studies, and it is used for many other selection and personal development purposes relating to the global workforce development and global citizenship.

Practical Global Relevance

Today's economy is characterized by increasing uncertainty, accelerating interdependence and an expanding diversity of stakeholders. In this global context, finding solutions, meeting challenges and seizing opportunities requires individuals' readiness to transcend traditional boundaries. The new paradigm calls for aligning people, processes and practices across not only geographies but across languages and cultures.

In fact, there is a worldwide shortage of people with demonstrated abilities to fit into a global setting. There is ample evidence that the 21st century needs people who are globally competent, and this competency has become essential for success in a progressive society. The Global Competence Aptitude Assessment (GCAA)® profile identifies people's likelihood to succeed in this new context.

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