Today's economy is characterized by increasing uncertainty, accelerating interdependence and an expanding diversity of stakeholders. In this global context, finding solutions, meeting challenges and seizing opportunities requires individuals' readiness to transcend traditional boundaries. The new paradigm calls for aligning people, processes and practices across not only geographies but across languages and cultures.

In fact, there is a worldwide shortage of people with demonstrated abilities to fit into a global setting. There is ample evidence that the 21st century needs people who are globally competent, and this aptitude has become essential for success in a progressive society. The Global Competence Aptitude Assessment (GCAA)® profile identifies people's likelihood to succeed in this new context.

Global Relevance

The Global Competence Aptitude Assessment (GCAA®) is a practical application of a five-year rigorous and holistic international research agenda. Expert thought leaders from around the world, spanning the continuum of education through the global workforce, created a consensus definition of "global competence" that was first reported in 2004. In addition, this panel of experts collectively determined the specific aptitudes necessary for global competence, which are presented in the Global Competence Model™.

Out of a request by one such expert thought leader, five more years were spent developing a comprehensive instrument to objectively assess each of the necessary dimensions of global competence as identified by the research. The pinnacle of this extensive research and development became the GCAA®, which has been used around the world to assess students and working professionals ever since.

Developed by Global Leadership Excellence, LLC, the GCAA® is based on our extensive international research. Thoroughly tested in over 40 countries across 6 continents, the GCAA® has been deemed statistically valid and reliable. The GCAA® is the only instrument that measures all the researched dimensions of global competence, as intended and reported in refereed journals worldwide.

Test Design

To thoroughly assess both the Internal Readiness and External Readiness categories from the Global Competence Model™, and all the dimensions of each, the GCAA® is comprised of four distinct sections, each with a different question style. There is cross-referencing throughout the GCAA® as each of the eight dimensions of global competence is evaluated from a variety of angles, using different styles of questions, and varying degrees of difficulty. Additionally, the assessment items are based on all the regions of the world, with particular emphasis placed on those countries that make significant contributions to the world's population and economy. The result is a more complete measure of global competence.

Assessment and Reporting

A participant can take the GCAA® online from anywhere in the world and at any hour of the day. After submitting one's responses, a feedback profile report is generated and immediately shared directly with the participant. In this detailed individual report, one receives scoring and interpretation across each of the categories of Internal Readiness and External Readiness, as well as a targeted analysis for each of the eight dimensions of global competence. In addition, this detailed report provides global competence supportive information and suggestions for developmental solutions.

Group data across all of a study's participants can be aggregated, analyzed, interpreted and shared with the client. Such targeted objective metrics can identify development and improvement opportunities, as well as provide insight for other decision making areas

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